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[30 Mar 2012|12:09am]
wow. this account is all of 10 years old
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[10 Jul 2011|11:44am]
Dera Lj

Why did you break comments like that? Logged in and have to retype my name and password and Still it claims I am not entering things...No wonder I spend all my time on Twitter.
You really suck as of late and making it suck more will not draw anyone back.
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oopdata [18 Dec 2010|11:38am]
Came home from the company xmas lunch and kept nodding off.
Now I rode the bike of course, so no alcohol was involved, but I did force down some good bbq brisket and sausage. By 10 or so last night, I gave up and went to bed.
Some time after 8 this morning I got up. The cats are happy, I ran short of food for them so yesterday they got a goodly amount of crumbs in the last of the kibble, so to make good on that, I bought some special beef and shrimp chunks for them when I got them a bag of the usual.

We also had our Insurance meetings thursday. Shockingly, our has gone down by 2%. DFW and our company rating were good enough to lower our rates much to the surprise of our agency.
Some of those working for us have coverage under a spouse's job, and those went up from 10-20% or more! The company we just merged with are really happy. they now get our rating, and as most of the employees are now in DFW, that rate as well, so theirs dropped 7% over last year. Now I'd like to see what it would be if the gov't hadn't jacked with things. Maybe we'd have dropped 20% or more.

I use our HSA version, and pay only the amount I want to add to my account, but there was some slip last year, and nothing went into my account this year! I didn't notice until I crashed the bike.
Some offhand remark and I commented I probably had most of my deductible covered by then....NOT. Oops. well, I do have AFLAC so that too would have covered things.
Now all we have to do is trash 0bamacare, and keep the fed's grubby mitts off my 401k and HSA.
I need to cut back my spending right now as well, as I am going to buy a place. Rent is too damned high (hey. . . that could be a political party name!)
They jumped again and I can get a house for less. Far less. Or a lot more house for the same.
on a 15 year loan
with insurance and escrow added
well it does depend on the tax rates. within 20 miles I range from $500 to $1900 for essentially the same house. On the other hand, some great deals are out there right now. and the market is looking to drop once more.
for me it's almost now or never. getting long in the tooth for a 30 year, but 15 year loans are now easier and still in my range. I need a place to work on my junk as well.
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fixed [12 Dec 2010|06:41pm]

the only bit that is noticeably damaged from the crash is this bit:

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really odd dreams [08 Dec 2010|10:59am]
I dreamed and remembered.
A: I was either in my underwear, or naked and holding them while trying to put them back on.
B; I flipped location from Home in Michigan to Louisiana, and I think Florida's Atlantic coast.
C: My mom had a .22 pistol with a 20 gauge bore, and an 8-track tape player.

Mom was plinking and complained that it had low power. She started stripping the pistol and got the breach off, and I looked down the boore to see how clean, and noticed the bore was just a bit over sized to shoot .22 shorts and get velocity. Dad them came along and preformed some complicated 4 button push to release the barrel from the action and instantly I was talking with a friend from Louisiana while we were on a sea coast about pistols, and we both held a Crossman pellet pistol. Then I was back in Louisiana at a mutual friend's house chatting about something, and I went outside to do something and noticed I was only wearing my underwear, and they were inside out so I was trying to change them when they caught on my shoes getting them back on. They were also athletic support style,/spedo type when on, and boxer briefs when off. Anyhow, I sat on the dead drive through used as an alley next to a Popeye's Chicken to take off my shoes and the alarm woke me.
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some photos after the fact [06 Nov 2010|07:31pm]
So there I was. On my way to work....

From 2010-11-06 crash

Today I looked closer and there is something on the road that feels fine even scuffing your foot, but has little traction. I think it is dried drilling mud from the gas wells in the area.
The tanker trucks are all over the place and the leakers leave a trail.
We had heavy rain a few days back, but that only seems to spread the stuff.
Later, after getting to work and picking up the windshield, I took a different way home and in a slow turn, following a car so I was below the 20mph caution speed posted I damned near crashed again.
The damn wet roads have more traction than when dry!

From 2010-11-06 crash

The Y you see up ahead in the last pic. . . .
Yeah, that did not help traction either....
From 2010-11-06 crash

Those are my ruts. Dammit.

From 2010-11-06 crash

the landing spot is marked by debris.

2010-11-06 crash

The album has close ups of the bike and bits...
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[04 Nov 2010|03:20pm]
crashed the ST. pics to come, but it is ridable and needs bodywork only it seems.

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[16 Oct 2010|11:36pm]
hello to those few LJ folks still out there. never thought it would, but twitter eats most of my time posting now.

Did some bike work again today. Yanked the rear wheel and changed the drive cushions and the drive flange.
I also decided to make a new tool kit for it.
bought new stubby wrenches in a roll, added smaller ones to that (a second 10mm, and 6, 7, 8, and 9mm) then put the other needed stuff into a nail apron and stuck it all under the seat.

The memory foam added to the seat is great as well. did that a while back. under the sheepskin it is very comfy.
Did the rear pads, and one side of the front. forgot to order two sets for the front, but it is helping me get used to much better pads. I got the HH rated EBC pads. once the second set gets here, I should not lock the front wheel as often as I did the first day with the single sided set up did. Yikes they grab well.

Work has been busy. Working second shift is better for me.
Running into trouble on ingredients though.
Some of the raws are short in supply world wide.
can't make the stuff to make the stuff to make my stuff.
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a response to "Where were you?" [12 Sep 2010|12:01pm]
I was at work. I fueled airplanes under contract to SWA.
Nice morning, but somewhere (Dallas or Houston, I forget, possibly some weather or fog) there had been delays, and those late planes had stacked up. I was a bit busy, and running into the Ops office for a fuel load, I over heard talk of some plane, size unknown, had hit one of the Towers. Some lier had claimed it was an SWA flight (folks disbelieve this fool if they say Sky=Blue) but all of Islip flights were on time and accounted for. Out I went to work on that last late flight. Big load, rather empty fuel tanks, and a late flight. SWA trys to turn late flights in less than 15 minutes (up from the 10 they aimed for in years past) I had less than 10 to get done.
Hooked up and pumping, I'm watching guages and notice all of a sudden, I'm the only person in sight on the ramp.
No bags being loaded.
Catering trucks sitting in position, but not raised.
The wings were still as no one was walking onto the plane.

The second plane had hit.

I finished the load (If the plane had left I was in time. . . of course :-) and walked into Ops.
EVERYONE was in the breakroom. Watching TV.

Although it was not until wafter the Pentagon was hit that the air was shut down, SWA had ground stopped it's flights. That last plane never left.
As workers were running about finding places for planes, I walked back into that breakroom. One of the ground workers I never really got along with was standing there, just staring. I looked at the TV.
"What's going on? Where is the other tower?"
quetly he said, "It just fell".
Finally we were told "Get the fuel trucks out of here.
Then the airport wanted them as far from the terminal as we could get them and secure them.
For the first time we removed the keys and locked the doors of the trucks.
Planes were ordered to land at the nearest airport that could handle their size.
I saw lines I've never seen before.
Around 11am we were told to "Go home, stay by the phone though.
Luckily for those of us who left then, we got out of there.
10 minutes later they locked down the airport, and anyone there was put into the Hilton. Then they pulled a few people and searched their areas of responsibility. My Supervisor got to go home at 7:30 that night. The day the opened the air to reposition planes only, SWA I don't think did much. The skeleton crew at the FOB handled any fueling. The next day, around 11 am, we went back to work.
Everyone else was canceling most of their flights.
SWA took all fresh leased airplanes and parked them, then using old paid up planes. After the first few days, with some canceled flights by Sunday, they flew perhaps 90% of their flights. As no one else was flying, SWA handled mail and cargo and made that pay for the flights, any people on the flight were profit. I fueled flights with 5 passengers on the list.
By the next tuesday, they flew a full schedule. They also covered our pay for those days we did not work.
All others lost scads of money that last quarter of the year, causing them large losses for the year.
SWA broke even the last quarter, and turned a profit.

Co-workers, and friends at SWA noticed I was not reacting like most everybody else.
I was not shocked, mad, surprised etc.
The only thing I said was "I'm surprised we have gone this long without something like this".
Now, years later, I am mad as hell.
Not that we were attacked (though, yes, that is a concern) but at the idiots who think we are "Over Reacting" or that we should just get used to the fact terrorists are gonna do things like this. Or that we should be more "sensitive" to the sensibilities of a group who prove the beliefs are a "Religion of Peace" by lopping the heads off those who deny it.
Islam really needs to go away. Not stay in it's little corner of the planet, but be eradicated from the face of the planet.

Islam refuses to tolerate us, we should refuse to tolerate it.

(now my addendum to this last bit)

Many would have you believe the Moors and Turks were "Tolerant" of others after conquest. Well, if you paid you Dhimi tax, or were subservient as a slave, and didn't rock the boat, I guess some may consider that as "Tolerance".
Most of the slavery in the world today is committed by Islam.
Folks need to remember that it was created by someone who went days without food or water, and saw things.
Now-a-days, we call that condition delirium.

I don't care about real moderate muslims. those who are like most good people and really just go day to day, plodding along. Those who may miss a few days at the mosque, or never really go at all (one of the SWA workers was just such a muslim) and just want to be.
I've not got that big a beef with them. I've got some. but then again I'm a grumpy old bastard.
I do have a beef with those who will claim to be real muslims and that AQ or Wahabbists are not "true" islam, yet will do nothing to "reclaim" their religion.

I'm also really fed up with the idiot that was elected commander in chief.
his remarks yesterday were appalling.

We really need good leadership, but I only see folks who will be better than he, not that that would take a whole hell of a lot
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[11 Sep 2010|12:29pm]
I got an Idea.
We'll stop with the qoran burning and islam will stop:
beheading non-believers
stoning raped women
burning and banning the bible
treating women as chattel
pedophilia disguised as marriage

I got a better idea.
fuck islam
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travel tribulations [08 Sep 2010|10:35am]
The trip home took 11 minutes shy of 24 hours.
Outside of Benton, the bike died. It dropped cylinders like it ran out of gas, and I guessed that it was the Auto Fuel Valve.
I did a roadside check of the pump (take the seat off, turn on the key and hit the starter button while touching the pump plate to feel vibrations) but by the time I got the two bags off the seat, and the seat off, the bike sat long enough to start again...
That cinched it as the AFV does that when the diaphragm tears.
I limped two exits down the interstate and pulled it apart in front of a store. I reversed the seat section and that seals the body, but never shuts the gas off. The AFV is a vacuum actuated system, and the way it works is a vacuum diaphragm on one side of a plate, pulls via a metal bead with holes foranipples on the diaphragms to connect it to the seat which uses a o ringed diaphragm to seal the gas side.
Many people remove it entirely.

From 2010-09-05 trippin_home

this was my load out as I was tooling along.

On the return trip, I fought heavy winds from back home to Memphis. Illinois especially was horrid, with heavy constant winds and really bad gusts.

It did this to the rear tire:
From 2010-09-05 trippin_home

From 2010-09-05 trippin_home

On the trip up, I checked things and the wear was very minor. you really could not tell there was any change.
Not so much on the way back!

New one is on order and hopefully will get here soon.
Worn to the wear bars, and it is raining cats and dogs out there today.(Hermine is over us right now)

I stopped in Memphis. visited the sisters, my nephew, and Brother-in-law.
Had yesterday off as well, but it rained all day. Oh well.
Time to get ready for work.
The items I ordered to go on the trip finally got there yesterday.

As a Warning. Avoid buying from California Sport Tourers. They suck at customer service. Took 16 days to ship an order and never communicate with
the one ST forum had little one the bad side, but after no responses, I found the Yamaha FJ guys hate the place, and it seems, with good reason.
I bought a pair of pants from a competitor of theirs (IBike) who sold via eBay and I had those in a few days.

Time for work prep.
later y'all
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shorty from the road home [07 Sep 2010|10:57pm]

from just outside of Texarkana
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how about a trip home? [07 Sep 2010|07:22pm]
The run home via the smoothest route.
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lets take a ride... [07 Sep 2010|06:55pm]
To work via the short back roads. There is construction so I don't take it aften right now.

That turn at 33 seconds or so is where I crashed the XL rather hard. I was coming from work and there had been gravel put down. I was on cruise control (physically, not on the bike, but the brain) and forgot about it until too late.
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compressor hack [21 Aug 2010|07:10pm]
Starting the prep for Vacation.
Checked the bike over, changed the gear oil in the "diff"(not really a differential, it is simple a ring and pinion, but damned I see so many misname it).
Gave the bike a wash, and a bit of wax.
I checked the tires, and decided I wanted to downsize my elcheapo tire infllator.
I have some military surplus parts boxes that I misread the size on.
When they came, they were smaller than I thought.
So I tossed them on a shelf and figured I'd use them for something someday.

Big difference in size.
More hacking results in hereCollapse )
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oops [18 Aug 2010|05:15pm]
It rained a pretty good bit today. put me to sleep nicely.
I had a big order to get out last night, and worked a bit too hard at it
it has been over 100 for several days straight.

I got to the point of not sweating yesterday. I noticed it before I got really dizzy, and got a bunch of cool water in me and set in the AC for a time.
Got the orders finished, came home, and simply could not sleep.
After the first two alarms went off, I went to the rental office because the net stopped working after two days, and felt a touch dizzy.

Called work and told them I was gonna sleep it off and come in quite late.
Got called about an hour after I would be due at work and found that one of the other night guys left as someone in his family had just been killed in an auto accident.
The call woke me up.
Felt a bit better.
Got a second call just after 4pm and told don't bother coming in. The final guy would work until 6 and was taking the rest of the night off.

And it only got into the mid 90's for temps today.

Muggy though.
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[31 Jul 2010|11:49pm]
The vacation is on for the end of August/labor day weekend, and the Tuesday after.
I've not gotten a trailer or the truck going yet. Been doing odd jobs on the bile to get it ready though.
I pulled the front wheel and fiddled with the forks. The forks were in a bit off and the bars were not straight when going straight. I friend was following me and said the bike was tracking true, so it was not a bent frame. I changed the fairing support on it as well, so that is now straight. If there is no side winds, the bike now tracks perfectly.

I put a Givi style trunk on the bike as well. It and the factory bags hold a weeks worth of groceries easily.

I still need to check the carbs on it for sync (I bought a gauge to do the job) and do an oil change soon.

I've gotten a new camera, and twice now have gone on rides and not used the thing.
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[05 Jul 2010|10:53am]
time for a new place to live.
management stopped me from putting up a storage shed claiming city code.(vinyl or wood, must have 7 foot wall min. needs plans and a building permit...)
pointing out that it is not in the code,(anything under 100sqft can be made from anything, no permits needed) and vinyl buildings do not come with 7 foot high walls got me no where.
oddly the five or six other metal sheds in the park are all after the latest owners yet somehow this rule "Has always been that way" (this manager couple has been here less than a year) and the wood ones they over priced and let you add to your rent($1100 for a 5x4, $2000 if you paid over time) were not put up with any permits.
I got a verbal ok from one of the owners when she was here. the base is from a neighbor who had the same shed I was getting, and he moved giving the base base to me(I almost got the whole shed), and I told her then I was eventually getting a shed for the base.
time to buy.
prices have dropped here a bit, and for my rent, I can get a house, and acre or more and a garage, paying for taxes and insurance.
just need to get a down payment saved up. the truck may get put on hold for a bit longer whilst I save it up.
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[20 Jun 2010|09:00am]
So I didn't go with an aircooled bike. Basically I got a two wheeled Honda Civic.
It is a 1991 ST 1100, with (at time of purchase) 53,000 miles (now well past 54,600) that has several high dollar new bits, and was supposedly run into a garage wall. Now that I've had parts off, I think it was dropped, but not to hard. I have one more thing to adjust on the back, and that may get it straight. It tracks fine no handed, with a slight pull to the left from the fairing being tweeked to the left a bit. I fixed that yesterday. No wobbles, and it runs like a watch (it is one of Honda's better designs for a motor. 200,000 miles with now motor work is not unknown) with the only noise at speed some wind noise, and a touch of cam belt squeak at lower speeds before the wind noise drowns that. I found something cool one day out tasting it (day after I got it in fact):

out riding the new bike and found and old Soviet ���о�л... on Twitpic

A Soviet era freight biplane!

And that is the bike in the pic as well.
I've since taken the "sissy bar" off. I plan to put a top box on it instead.
I would also like to change the saddle. it is fine for around town, but I rode over to Shreveport to finally take care of the title for the truck, and after about 4 hours in the saddle, I was rather uncomfortable. It is a bit too hard, and makes hot spots that I'm sure the high temps were not helping. The trip there was pretty good, but I got there 30 minutes before the office opened, and it took 20 minutes to get things taken care of (20 minutes in a DMV???!!!WOW) so I was back on it an hour later, and that wasn't quite long enough.

I hope to take it to Michigan on Vacation, though I'd also like to take my rifles so the truck may make the trip. I may make a trailer for the bike though. a light one is only $200, and add some tongue and they follow a bike rather well.
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woah nelly...stop that spinning [22 May 2010|07:45am]
too much sun yesterday.
got a slightly dizzy feeling going on.
I went to sleep a bit early, but damned if I only slept the usual 5.5 hours.
Ah well, an early start at looking for a set of wheels.
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